Code of Ethics

We adhere to the highest ethical standards in our business. All our employees and associates are obliged to respect this Code of Ethics, as well as applicable laws and regulations. This Code of Ethics applies to all business activities of the company.

Integrity and Honesty: We operate according to the highest ethical standards and comply with all legal requirements. We do not tolerate corruption, nepotism, discrimination, or any other unethical practices. We establish transparent procurement processes and communication with suppliers.

Conflict of Interest: We avoid conflicts of interest and any activities that could affect our impartiality and objectivity in the procurement process. All our employees and associates must be familiar with our policies and procedures for avoiding conflicts of interest.

Confidentiality: Employees and associates of the company are required to safeguard confidential information related to the company’s business and protect the company’s intellectual property. Confidential information must not be disclosed to third parties without the explicit written permission of the company.

Data Protection: We respect the privacy and data protection of our clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders. We commit to safeguarding all sensitive information and ensuring its security.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations: We respect all applicable laws and regulations in our business activities. Employees and associates of the company are obligated to comply with these laws and regulations and act in accordance with the company’s ethical standards

Responsibility: We are accountable to our clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders. We commit to providing high-quality services and fulfilling all our obligations to all parties involved. We establish transparent processes for monitoring and evaluating quality to ensure continuous improvements.

Environmental Protection: We strive to work with suppliers who adhere to high environmental protection and sustainability standards. We ensure that all products and services we procure have no negative impact on the environment.

Social Responsibility: We commit to taking social responsibility in our business activities. The company supports socially responsible initiatives and projects and encourages its employees and associates to actively engage in social actions and projects.

Quality and Safety: We ensure that all products and services we procure are of high quality and meet appropriate safety standards. We are committed to a responsible procurement process and collaborate only with suppliers who comply with our standards and rules.

Competitiveness: We commit to fair and equitable treatment of all suppliers in the procurement process. We ensure that all suppliers are treated equally and have equal opportunities to participate in the procurement process. We do not allow any activities that could lead to competition violations or discrimination.

Risk Management: As a company engaged in procurement mediation, we recognize the importance of implementing an effective risk management system to ensure the success of our business and protect the interests of our clients and business partners.